Shopping Annuity Series: Groceries & MORE!

March 5, 2015
Hey BeYoutifuls!!

 Jumping right in, you may ask ‘What in the world is a “Shopping Annuity”?’ Well let me explain.

As you can see, I have a bunch of grocery (and random) items on display. I am now able to receive cash back on all my household items and pretty much anything I can purchase online (which these days is pretty much ANYTHING!).

To further explain the “Shopping Annuity” concept, its basically like a traditional annuity, BUT completely different at the same time.

“The Shopping Annuity is a revolutionary concept that helps smart shoppers convert their spending into earning through shop.com. Unlike a typical annuity from a bank, you don’t have to invest a massive sum of money to get started – your investment is what you already spend on everyday purchases.” -ShoppingAnnuity.com

By shopping through shop.com you can earn up to 50% cash back. Convert your spending into earning!

“Over $5 Million has been awarded in cash back and counting.”

Trying to find better snack options.

Water, Oatmeal, milk, Aren’t these items you’re already purchasing?

Once you pay for your groceries, clothing etc., where does that money go?

To the company correct? You get absolutely no return on that investment.

With shop.com I can now get paid to buy BREAD!! LOL

Yes, trash bags. I’m sure you need these for your home, office or place of business.

LOVE to put pistachios in my smoothies. My smoothies pay me now 😉

Always need cotton balls for the beauty room.

Here are 3 easy steps so that YOU can start converting your “Spending” into “Earning”!

1) Register for a FREE Preferred Customer Account on shop.com

(you get ME as your Shopping Consultant) 

2) Download the “ShopBuddy” app onto your laptop/desktop

(located on the homepage to the right)

3) Shop at your favorite STORES!!

Some of my favorite stores to shop at where I get “Cash Back” are:







Top Shop


You get it, the list goes ON!

Please tag me on your purchases so that I can repost.

Lets get this #ShoppingAnnuity movement STARTED!!

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