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The Ultimate Makeup Shield: 10 Years Younger

September 22, 2015

Ever feel like throughout the day your makeup simply doesn’t look as good as it did when you applied it at the beginning of your day? Yeah, that typically happens on a very hot day, or busy one were you’re running errands. There’s a secret that I want to share with you that will completely eliminate the dull end of the day look.

“Setting sprays are the ultimate makeup shield!”

YES!! I’m talking about a setting spray. Not just any setting spray but the 10 Years Younger Makeup Setting Spray! This setting spray was meant to keep your makeup from smudging and settling in your creases. 


“Your makeup should last ALL day.”

I tested this setting spray for myself and after a long day of 12+ hours, check out my results.

10 years younger post1

I worked all day, had a great sweaty run and still managed to keep my face together. I really enjoy the fact that this product is super useful on the hottest of days to the most cold. IMG_1061

One of my favorite parts is that when you mist it on your face, in an “x” shape, it feels so refreshing and moisturizing after putting makeup on your skin. This is due to the main ingredient being aloe vera.

“Think about the coins your saving!”

If you think about it, you’re also saving money on makeup because you wont need to retouch your makeup as much as you would without 10 years younger. The clever name derives from the fact that the setting spray reduces slippage into pores, lines and wrinkles, which results in flawless younger looking skin.


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