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Femininity|Denim & Floral Skirt

September 30, 2015

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To be feminine is to own who you are as a woman. There is so much pressure and comparison in our society, that we have been clouded and mislead of the true essence of being feminine. We have so much power that God naturally ordained us, if only we can tap into that power and walk confidently in it. Being feminine isn’t completely how you dress. Although I love fashion, it is important to examine your heart and seek to know your purpose as a woman and your intentions in this society.

Femininity: The quality of being female; womanliness

This look screams femininity to me because it displays soft florals while the denim vest and boots add structure and firmness. We should strive to embrace the exquisite delicacy it is to be a woman yet stay firm and secure that we can accomplish what we put our minds to. Create this look.


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